No rent or mortgages for stolen land! landlords and banks, back off!

We are a network of folks who, knowing we wouldn’t be able to pay the next month’s rent or mortgage as individuals, came together in this crisis to agitate for a more collective response. Many other groups, from Austin, TX to Montreal to Seattle to New York to San Francisco, are doing the same. 

We are not a non-profit organization or focused on politicians acting in our best interest, and we can’t help the thousands of people in this crisis pay their rent or bills. But we do believe that, if a network of folks refusing to pay their rent or mortgage can grow across Durham, we can support each other in other ways and pressure the city, banks, and landlords to not evict and forgive people’s debts.

We also know that most of us in Durham are living on stolen land, and want to uplift the demands of indigenous people across North America for the return of their sovereign lands and territories. We stand in solidarity with the Catawba, Occaneechi, Eno, Sappony, Shakori, and Lumbee people; to whom the land “owned” by our landlords and banks rightfully belongs.

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